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Successful International Speaker, Serial Entrepreneur and Stock Market Coach. Juergen has been a stock trader for 20+ years, retired at age 35, and is now showing motivated professionals like you the secrets of how he did it and how YOU can too !


January 12th - 15th 9:00am - 5:00pm Los Angeles 

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Juergen Pallien

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Here is what you learn when you sign up !

DAY 1:

  • How the stock market works
  • The secrets to stock market success
  • How to set up every trade and investment properly
  • How to use compounding in your favour

DAY 2:  

  • Introduction to the F.I.T. principle ™
  • How to find and evaluate good stocks
  • Fundamental Analysis and long term investing
  • Tools to help you and save lots of time

DAY 3:  

  • Risk management tool box
  • Secrets of successful short selling 
  • Earn money when the markets turn down
  • Introduction of the right Timing
  • Short term capital gain strategies
  • Secrets of seasonal advantages
  • Practical examples and exercises

DAY 4:  

  • Conclusion of Days 1 - 3
  • Live Trading Session
  • Q&A questions
  • Realisation of your trading ideas

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